Strictly Ornamental (daasgrrl) wrote,
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Random Sherlock and stuff

Have been resisting the pull of Sherlock fandom thus far, only not very well. I'm still not interested in reading fanfic yet, but I've ended up watching vids and reading discussion instead. So I thought I'd post a round-up of things I have enjoyed lately for the benefit of the less obsessive *g*:

Seen via trickseybird - "Sherlock in Love" (by deductism). Um, this was so frighteningly well done I thought this was a real BBC spoof trailer at first. While in retrospect I know that seems unlikely, I knew they'd done 'official' fake news reports, and I was already corrupted from watching the South Korean trailers as well, which do in fact appear genuine. So at the time it didn't seem too much of a stretch!

Then there's just some general crack, which really shouldn't work, but does, probably because Martin Freeman is... Martin Freeman. And the facial expressions are priceless (by shmd94):

A fanvid which is apparently set to a song from the Legally Blonde musical. The vid aspect ratio is off, which would normally annoy me, but the song itself is very nicely constructed, and the overall way it's put together just makes me lol. I love the comprehensive use of so many of the cast, too (by LadyDerethia)

By now I feel like I've been hitting the 'gay' button a wee bit too hard, an ever-present peril of slashdom. So for something completely different, not a vid, but thsfuhqinsux has done a fabulously obsessive look at Sherlock's 'last moments', courtesy of Google Maps *g*.

Last but not least, a general boost for a vid from An F-lister Who Does Not Want To Be Identified. I'm not into most of the fandoms referenced, but a lot of it rings frighteningly true nevertheless: (Shit Fangirls Say).

Oh, and my computer survived, btw! It was just dusty inside, apparently, which caused it to overheat. Very, very dusty *g*
Tags: sherlock, the frumious cumberbatch, vidrecs

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