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October 31st, 1999

Archived fic post

Rescued from my now-defunct geocities website:


In roughly chronological order, although that matters to no-one but me. XF was my first regular fandom, so I still had my fic training wheels on. Therefore, aside from any intrinsic clumsiness in the writing, the formatting is old school, and in retrospect the usage of British English is glaringly obvious, but nobody told me at the time! I've highlighted the ones I'd rather you sampled first, if you're going to *g*

I think due to the abundance of fantastic authors writing all the 'obvious' stories, I ended up writing an awful lot of crackfic. Of the below, the fics most closely related to canon are probably Post Mortem and Run to Ground.

This is a (100-word) drabble, and gets a separate entry only because it was my first posted piece of fanfic, to the now defunct Small Potatoes website. It was nothing to speak of at the time, but I'm still fond of it. All my XF drabbles are here.

The Dare II (Mulder/Skinner, R)
Written as a sequel to xanthe's The Dare, because that was Scully/Holly slash, and I wanted a Mulder/Skinner sequel. My first baby steps into longer fic. This time it's Scully's turn to dare Mulder.

Unfinished Symphony (Skinner/Scully, NC-17)
One of the very few het fics I've written. PWP, more or less.

A is for Angst (Mulder/Skinner, R)
Written for an 'ABC' challenge, where every sentence must begin with a successive letter of the alphabet.

Mulder Comes to the Rescue (Mulder/Skinner, badfic, PG)
Badfic was oddly fashionable in XF-land for a while there. Although I guess now it would be called 'crack'. Skinner is abducted, so Mulder... you know.

January Man
(Skinner, gen)
I used to belong to a Walter-centric group called Requited. One year we all wrote stories corresponding to the months of the year. I got January. Of course, January is hot where I come from, but I went with the snowy theme.

(Mulder/Skinner, G)
Written after a trip to Washington DC, in tribute to the Lincoln Memorial. Mulder, Skinner and a camera.

Only This, And Nothing More (Skinner/Krycek, non-con, NC-17)
I've always had a thing for Skinner/Krycek. Krycek makes a late-night visit to Skinner (you know, like always), and smut and angst ensue. Like always. This was the longest thing I'd written to that point, and while I still like parts of it, it's unabashedly OTT.

Another Day, Another Drama (Mulder, Skinner, PG-13)
Meta, how I love you. And yes, that's me.

Temporary Insanity
(Mulder, Skinner, R)
Oh, look, more meta. This time it's xanthe, so obviously there's spanking *g*

By Degrees (Krycek, R)
Random musings. Everyone loves Krycek when he's handcuffed to a balcony.

Happily Ever After (Mulder/Skinner, PG-13)
A retelling of Cinderella with a bit of a twist. I like fairytales.

Hopelessly Devoted to You
(Skinner/?, R)
More Skinner-based silliness. Mulder's somehow very suited to stalking.

The Sound of Pain, or, Why in the World Does Everything Happen to Mulder? (filk, Mulder/Skinner, G)
Set to How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria? Enough said, really.

Mulderlocks (Mulder/Skinner, R)
A weird combination of badfic and fairytales (again). People would harp on so about Mulder's hair.

The Agents of Washington (filk, Mulder/Skinner, G)
"I am the very model of an AD in the FBI..."

The Fix
(Skinner/Krycek, PG-13)
Post-apocalyptic crackfic in which everyone really lives happily ever after.

*** Post Mortem (Mulder/Skinner, PG-13)
Possibly the first fic I actually wrote based on canon. Because you had to wonder just how desperate Skinner had to be to dig up Mulder's grave on a 'maybe'. Set after DeadAlive.

*** Run to Ground (Skinner/Doggett, R)
And then I got into Skinner/Doggett, which I also really loved. Doggett POV.

Screen Justice (Skinner/Krycek, R)
Not one of my personal faves, but Skinner people seemed to like this one. More crackfic - Krycek receives an unexpected late-night visitor. For a change.

Merry Little Christmas (Skinner/Doggett, PG-13)
This was the story I nominated for my 'author's choice' at an old XF website - it was a toss up between this one and Run to Ground. It's a retelling of A Christmas Carol, XF-style. Scarily, I wrote a House-fic years later using lyrics from the same song (but with an entirely different premise).

Miracle Baby
(Skinner/Kim, G)
Snippet written for k2daisy, because it was her thing. Another rogue hetfic.

Night Flowering (Skinner/Swamp Thing, XF/Vertigo comics, NC-17)
Look, I know how it looks, but this is probably the best thing I wrote during my XF period. Seriously. It's certainly the most original, anyway (and it's the Alan Moore comic universe version, not the TV series, in case you were wondering) *g*

Faith, Hope and Love
(Skinner/Leo, XF/WW, PG-13)
I love the idea of Leo and Skinner having a longstanding friendship/relationship - in my head, there's an entire backstory for these two, but this is all I ever wrote on the subject.


I was more comfortable with fic once I moved to WW, and I think these are more consistently readable. My favourite of these is Vices *g*

West Wing drabbles

Everybody Loves Leo
(Leo/everybody, PG-13)
Crackfic. Because you know they do. Or at least, they should.

Traditions (Jed/Leo, PG-13)
Christmas fic. With the obligatory mistletoe, and Jed's interminable explanations.

Faith, Hope and Love
 (Skinner/Leo, XF/WW, PG-13)
I love the idea of Leo and Skinner having a longstanding friendship/relationship - in my head, there's an entire backstory for these two, but this is all I ever wrote on the subject.

Vices (Leo/Hoynes, discipline, NC-17)
My one and only discipline fic. I made several attempts to write this pairing, and this is the only way it worked, disturbingly. Takes place after Five Votes Down.

Sunken Dreams (Leo/Hoyes, PG-13)
A short post-ep to Life On Mars.


Naboo!, or, The Terribly Cheesy Tragedy of Obi-Wan Kenobi (filk, Obi-Wan/Qui-Gon, PG)
"His name was Obi / he was a Jedi...". Because you know it had to be done.


The Art of Discipline (DI McSweeney/Meyer, d/s, NC-17)
Boot Camp was a one-season reality show wonder involving a group of recruits and four drill sergeants kicking them into shape. I believe one was voted off each week, as per normal procedure. I don't normally write RPS, but I couldn't help it - I have a thing about Marines. And d/s. And... reality shows *g*


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