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I tend to think that reading my interests list tells you everything vital about me you really need to know. I'm Australian.

I go through obsessions - theatre, particularly musical theatre, is a constant, the rest are subject to change. I have recently fallen under the spell of Sherlock, and the Frumious Cumberbatch, although I'm still hanging out with the House crowd, more or less. I tend to go through all-or-nothing phases about things, and lj is no exception. The whole concept of balance is fairly alien to me, but I'm trying to get there.

Please feel free to friend or defriend at will. I find this whole friending etiquette a bit confusing, so basically, if you comment somewhere letting me know you've friended me, I'll friend you back. If you don't, I'll assume you don't care too much either way and are happy lurking :)

I've written in the American Idol, House, Monk, X-Files and The West Wing fandoms, with strange detours into Killer: A Journal of Murder, Boot Camp (RPS) and... Swamp Thing. More recently I've vidded Sherlock and written Cumberbatch!fic. All of my recent fic (and vids) can be found in my memories. Older fic, mainly XF and WW, is archived at this post. I'm also at AO3.

My main net presence is here, with my vids archived at YouTube/Vimeo - I do technically exist at Dreamwidth and Twitter, but they're just placeholders. I'm also now quite addicted to Tumblr.

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